Abstract Horror Apophenic Nightmare Zone

'A script from the absolute unknown, how do you even begin to think about that? "Meaning" is a diversion. It evokes too much empathy. You have to ask, instead, what is a message? In the abstract? What's the content, at the deepest, most reliable level, when you strip away all the presuppositions that you can? The basics are this. You've been reached by a transmission. That's the irreducible thing. Something has been received. [And] to get in, it had to be there, already inside, waiting. Don't you see? The process of trying to work it out—what I had thought was the way, eventually, to grasp it—to unlock the secret, it wasn't like that. That was all wrong. It was unlocking me.— Nick Land, Chasm

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Nemo Duzsl — Doom Brewer (Book One of the Cthelllish Chronicles)

Nick Land — Chasm [00-17], [18-27], [28-33]

Unnamed — Deadlines (Part 1)

Unnamed Deadlines (Part 2)

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