25 May 2015


Strange how LoR notationwhich, as far as I know, has yet to be fully exhumedinstalls a solid link between 0X (or degenerately, TX), AQ, and hyperstitional circuitry. I.e. PLEX [as opposed to thenif < ] reciprocally codes NASCENCY [ –––⦅ ], executing CHRONOPOLYTICAL incisions into (and as) standardized, modulo-12, clock-timeunderwritten by AQ consistency in (())()().

If, as you suppose |end|, the LIGHT CONE ‘adequately renders time,’ then time is symmetrical, radiating outwards from UR in twinned CYCLES of (())() (mirrored expansion-retraction) so that the outer point [6a] converges with outer point [6b] as its inversion, creating a brief moment of occult ingress for a WAVE to travel from [6a] DAWN as augural SUNRISE to [6b] DAWN as inaugural GENESIS. Perhaps I am forced into this thought by the strange path my research has taken of late, but I cannot help but see here the twinning system of Kusta ben Luka’s notorious DOUBLE GYRE.

The gyre system, as perhaps you are aware, was divulged to George and William Butler Yeats via demonic agents known as the Instructors, although the system’s terrestrial journey passes through a series of other carriers ‘before’ it gets to the Yeats’.
 To be distressingly brief, the diagram is a tool for scale-neutral augury, as well as invocation. (If this sounds familiar to you, I urge you read my articles 'The Riddle of the Al-Raschid Esoterica: Item 423' Journal of Occult Histories, vol.9, Spring (2012): 23-45 and ‘The Templexed Abomination of Terrestrial Modernity: Notes on the Spiral Codex of the Court of Harun Al-Raschid,' Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, (Sydney: CCNESA, 2012): 99-140.One thing my research has taught me is that time is never straight-forward and I am convinced that your intimations of HYPERCAMOUFLAGE are not misplaced. From experience I can tell you that CHRONOCAMO is always in effect when DAWN and DAWN meet in PLEX, confirming your suspicion of an occulted numerical agent. 

This was among Linda’s papers (part of an unattributed manuscript she had been annotating):

‘To be inside history is to have a relation to Chronos. Yet (universal) history is not itself chronological. Pure Chronos - the State’s (synchronic) time - can never be fully-realised, for two reasons: there is always more than one State, and the State (as a form) is always in a relation with the time-systems of the two other social regimes (the primitive socius - which “precedes” it - and capitalism - which “succeeds” it). “Before appearing the State already acts …”. (ATP) The State appears “all at once” as history’s only break. ... Crashing into history, the State sets off time waves that move in both directions at once. “It is necessary ... to conceptualize the contemporaneousness or coexistence of ... the two directions of time - of the primitive peoples ‘before’ the State, and of the State ‘after’ the primitive peoples - as if the two waves that seem to us to exclude or succeed each other unfolded simultaneously in an ‘archaeological’, micropolitical, micrological, molecular field.” (ATP)’

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