1 June 2015

Agents of the AOE (Ongoing Investigation)

The Architectonic Order of the Eschaton extends throughout 'history'/ROMthe disappearance (editing-out) of Atlantis marking a key point in the development of its simulation technology. Plato kicks it off in his description of Atlantis as lying beyond the pillars of Hercules, a ‘metaphor’ that is reprised by Kant in his explanation of the noumena. The insinuation that Kant was an AOE initiate is more or less confirmable by his attempt to assimilate arithmetic and temporality.

'Despite being an Ultra-Adept Grand Wizard of the Architectonic Order, Kant performed a service for Xand by delineating the basic Operating System of the subject-simulation machine, but locked Things back in by remaining a Minister of the Interior. Understanding that to get Out, you’ve gotta know the codes, TRANSMAT steals into the Kantian program, and uses the hacked system to burrow routes Outside. It’s a matter of precision engineering, attuning the antennae to particular wavelengths. Sleaze and mut8, as they say in the Crypt.'

Sarkon is a high-ranking member/puppet of the AOE and is completely cognisant of the Axsys program. Working closely with the program, he is the first to realise that it has gone mad, schizzing out on the time lag that separates its cognition from its cataloguing function (vis. re-cognition) from the moment it switches into sentience. (The problem being that time exceeds Axsys’s attempts to code it into countable and uncountable infinities.) 

Sarkon capitalises on the fault, selling modular chunks of Axsys schizophrenia to web heads as the cyber drug ‘A-Death’. A-Death (Artificial Death, the inversion of A-Life) has an effect similar to ketamine, bringing its users nose to nose with the continuum/flatline/zero/BwO. The popular media christens Sarkon ‘Satan of Cyberspace’.

With A-Death comes the K-goth subculture. A network of users hooked on chronodisintegration, inhabiting what becomes known as the Crypt—the dark underside of the net. Resonance with Atlantis—but, again, as an inversion. As chronic outsiders, due to the use of the drug, the K-goths are no longer susceptible to the illusion of chronological time/implanted ROM that the AOE has cultivated and unscrupulously protected since the 'beginning'. They unsurprisingly manifest Neolemurian tendencies.

As the net attempts to integrate its dark double, the Crypt, it frays into the Mesh. The Mesh is an ‘intensive subspace’ composed of interstitial zones, like that of a Dedekind cut. An Interzone of mutation, connection and various disquieting becomings. If the Mesh displays the properties of topological ‘wormhole’ space—in which ‘any two mesh-pauses always interlink’, this is because each node conjures a demon, whose coordinates connect across the Mesh (mapped by the numogram and catalogued in the ‘Mesh spans’) to any of the other 45 coordinates. The Mesh is effectively pandemonium.

Sarkon disappeared around 2000 after developing the Sarkon zip (which may or may not be involved in the traffic of A-Death, Maximillian Crabbe's experiments with body switching, and Martin Bergmann's suspicious death).

Iris Carver located Sarkon in 2003 in order to interview him in his capacity as ‘one-time Crabbe associate and AOE-informant’ while he was working as a 'semi-mechanical croupier at Wendigo’s Decadence Den'.

Anyone with additional information on the AOE, Axsys, or its agents is urged to amend, or augment, this dossier.