9 October 2016


The inverted Angel of History is a demon. (It has a name but not a face.)


  1. Thingsinthemselves jettisoned in light of a materialism in which we only experience what seem to be things. Communication of appearances takes center stage in constructing the real through repellant affect. Nonlinear circuit? An object made of the unknown as such, the Outside. Engaging concept of intellectual intuition. Approaching positive noumena.

  2. Chaos writes itself in mountains.

  3. Mapping selfconception into orientational products.

  4. Beware, therefore, O thou who art appointed to understand the secret of the Outermost Abyss, for in every Abyss thou must assume the mask and form of the Angel thereof. Hadst thou a name, thou wert irrevocably lost.

    The adept in the abyss has a face but not a name. Fate, as the name without a face, or Klee's angel who has finally turned away from the wreckage, emerges in the moebiusdal churn of Choronzonic exigency.

  5. In Cyclonopedia, Reza Negarestani notes how the most famous Aramaic speaking Master has been given the Greek-Roman aesthetic, but with the inner vocalization of consonants and non-linear twitches, the Semitic speaker is a corpse… a good example of face and vocalization opposition…

    I was thinking of how the appearance of objects, mountains, etc., are sensibly intuited as such, and yet they can also be intuited as they are actions, body can be known as thinginitself, the appearance of limbs, head, as the wholeness of body in a moment. The necessary actions that justify judgment, intensive and extensive, condition the phenomenal world in a series. Not in the physical sense of phenomena, but the conditions of phenomena, their relation to Heaven.

    It is unreasonable to let life and death bombard us without hiding- Mou Zongsan

  6. From supreme crown to the diadem… this judgment… contraction, selflimiting.

    Masking a cultural system, as the globalists digitized motor processes into discrete decomposed elements seemingly arbitrarily sequenced by mass inertia. Faces can be taken as aspects, concealing manifesting, locating, instilling power, gaining power, cycling. But, when translated into names... the powers, potencies, as substance, intermediate influx/draw out emerging positions or planes as attributions of unification. Focus on constraint, vessel breaking, and return?